Tragedy struck earlier this week: when I went to get the piggies their breakfast Carmen wasn’t out and about.  Normally she is the most vocal of the bunch.  I thought that she was sleeping in her pot, but she wasn’t there; I pulled up the hay to find her little body.  She was fewer than … More Carmen

Novel 02

Poor little Carmen managed to have both the top of her head and her bottom cut off in the post Starting 2017, so here is her beautiful profile in all its glory! I have managed to convince the boss at work to let me have time to study, and to arrange my working hours so … More Novel 02


The other day I finished the first draft of my manuscript for, what I hope, will become a novel.  At the moment it has enough words to be a novella; my aim, when writing the draft, was to keep the story moving quickly enough in my head (but obviously not too quickly because I had … More Novel

Starting 2017

Yesterday I enrolled in my degree – I am doing a BSc in Animal Science as I thought that it would give me more options once I’ve graduated.  Sadly with the threat of the extinction of a large number of our planet’s beautiful animals, plants, fungi and so on I don’t feel optimistic about having … More Starting 2017